Yardage Calculation: Help Needed

Hello fabulous knitters. I am having a brain block. I feel like I should know this, but it is escaping me and my google search so far has not been helpful. I am trying to estimate how much yarn I will need to do an i-cord border on my large log-a-long blanket (yes it will be done in 2019!)

The final dimensions are 70 in x 56 in. I am using a variety of bulky yarns and the garter gauge in the yarn I am thinking i will use for the border is 3.5 sts per inch and 4 rows per inch. Trying to figure out if I need more of this yarn or go with another yard all together for the border.

Thank you so much. Happy Knitting

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is the yardage estimator that I use. Although I’ve never used it for i-cord, I don’t know why it wouldn’t work!
I’d add 70+70+56+56 =252"
I put in your gauge, then 1 for inches wide and 252 for inches long.
If you’re doing a 4 stitch I-cord it looks like 140 yards is what you’ll need. I’d add a bit to that for safety and comfort.


Thank you ! I will check this out.

Incredible amount of information on the calculations list on this blog. Thank you.