Marlalong! We're knitting Field Guide No. 19: Marls

The number of colors is impressive. It is a beautiful blanket.

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Reversible sounds amazing. But what about the sleeves? One red/orange/yellow and the other green/blue?

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I think I’m going to make one sleeve go with the front and the other sleeve match the back. I think lots of examples don’t have matching sleeves.


Just started the third marl section — this is potato-chip knitting at its finest! BTW I am using Tvinni…


I think that would be amazing! I can’t wait to see the finished sweater!

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What a great, yet difficult decision to have to make!

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A Swoof! What a brilliant idea! This is not a Swoof, but, my wonderful dog Rosie is almost 17 years old and she does feel the draughts in the old farm house where we live. I made her a colour explosion mini throw which she seems to like. And the alpaca naturals are a perfect match for her own coat! I think a Swoof is next!


Love my cushion!


Wowza love seeing what all you marlers are making! Makers are marling? From whichever angle, it’s all fabulous!

I have set aside my Color Explosion Throw to pick up a SWARF for the lightning-round KAL! Just now ready to start color 3… and just like Color Explosion, this is Lays Potato Chip Knitting! Just one more row… just one more segment…

Trying to post a picture here but getting denied. Can anyone give me a little tutorial? Says I can’t post as a new user.

Thanks for this fun community!


My neutral Swarf is coming along fabulously! Cooper loves it :wink:


Almost finished! I loved the expression of ‘potato chip knitting’! It really is hard to stop once you start. I changed the back a bit……because I am using 6 strands of lace weight, mine is a bit thicker and so I chose to knit a modified moss stitch for the back as it would lie flatter and not be too thick over my shoulders. I won’t really know until I block it.


Thanks for your beautiful inspiration!

My new morning routine: marling with kitty on lap.


That is beautiful! If I were asked I would probably have said that was yarn from Freia Fibers; the color change is so gradual.

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Knitting finished, need to weave in ends and block. Great project.


It is lovely yarn. I changed 2 strands at a time to achieve the gradient. It sure makes me admire the skill needed to dye the Freia fibres.

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Wow, that’s wonderful to see! Beautiful knitting, and you wear it well!

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I don’t think you can go wrong, either way!

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Gorgeous color combo!

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I never posted photos of my finished Spectra, so better late than never;